Internship at 1010data

Lookback at first four weeks

Internship at 1010data

For the summer of 2017 I am working as a developer intern for 10 weeks at 1010data Services LLC with the systems engineering team. This is the first post in a four post series about my internship with 1010data where I will be describing the work they do, the industries they focus on and the company culture for employees.

1010data is a technology company that aims at providing a scalable, secure and efficient data analysis platform and data insights for its customers. Their customers span across a broad spectrum including retail, consumer goods, financial services etc, the details of which you can find on their official website.

From a tech perspective, employees at 1010data primarly fit into two categories, developers and data analysts, with the roles continually diversifying into specialized categories as the company moves forward with its expansion. This summer I am working as a developer intern alongside 15 other interns hired as developer or data analyst interns. Now, as the name suggests developers work on the tech stack of the company among various teams such as Core Dev, GUI Development, Systems Reliability Engineering (my team :smile:) etc and the data analysts apply their skills to derive data insights for the company and its customers using the 1010data platform and develop analytical apps over 1010data.

During the first week of internship, all interns are given a quick training on using the 1010data platform as a data analysis tool, an insight into the simplicity of using their tool. After first three days of common training interns are divided into two groups: The data analysts continue their training with the advanced use of 1010data platform and the developers are introduced to a vector programming language K - the de facto programming language in the tech stack of 1010data.

Moving on to the company work culture, 1010data actively promotes an open office space. As an intern every hire is assigned a manager and a mentor. My manager oversees all of my tasks and guides me throughout. So everything work related goes on as a collaboration with my assigned manager. My mentor on the other hand is primarily concerned with my overall internship experience that we discuss formally in our weekly meetings and informally whenever you wish to as part of their flexible work culture. The most striking thing about 1010data is they do not expect you to know everything and actively promote inquisitive questioning among their employees to grow the collective knowledge base of everyone.

More on the work culture in my next post !